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Welcome to the WAHM In SoCal Community and Shop. My name is Teresa, I've been working online from home since 2002, before I made the leap to WAHM I was a preschool teacher. A little bit more about me I'm a Happily Married Busy Mom of a Toddler, a Breast Cancer Thriver, Adoptee and Cat Mom, who could not make it in this life without the love of my God and the power of Prayer.

I enjoy helping others find what they need to celebrating life moments, inspiration, products and more to make good family memories. Not only that but just trying to bring the world what it needs and that is more Love, Joy and Happy Memory Making Moments. Me and my family enjoy traveling, food, wine, relaxing by a beach, our cats, a good movie night with popcorn, to name a few things about me and my family..

Come on in and Join us as we do our best to Make a Difference Online as we Shop, Share, Enlighten and Inspire the World. Together we can hopefully help to make someone's day better and brighter. Click below to continue on to my website. You will find links to my socail hangouts and other homes on the web. Thank you.

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